The Montessori elementary curriculum continues to integrate history, geography, mathematics, science, language, literature, arts and music; however, students are now ready to move from concrete to more abstract concepts within each subject. As the children make connections to the subject matter, they naturally seek out additional learning opportunities and are motivated to explore ancillary concepts. By design, the Montessori Method takes full advantage of this curiosity, helping them to seek answers to concepts that interest them, expand their understanding and apply this newfound knowledge in a meaningful manner.

Additionally, the program focuses on critical thinking, problem solving and cooperative learning skills through individual and small group instruction. Materials and presentations are designed to stimulate the imagination while developing the mastery of essential skills. 

As a part of Montessori School of Franklin’s elementary program, students also receive Spanish, Music & Drama, Art, Cooking, STEM, Boot Camp (Physical Education), and Tae Kwon Do, as well as participating in various field trips throughout the year. The outdoors are a valued part of the Montessori philosophy; as such and weather permitting, the Elementary class enjoys their lunch on picnic tables located directly outside their classroom.