Enrichment Opportunities 



Music- Amanda McCoy

MSF is dedicated to the development of the whole child and that would be incomplete if music were not a consistent part of our children’s day. The Montessori music program is designed to use song and rhythm to expand our children’s understanding of themselves and the world. As such, our teachers are constantly singing and using rhythm with the children.

In addition to this daily interaction, we are fortunate to have renowned musician, Amanda McCoy, teach our Elementary and Kindergarten students music. Though she is an in demand session and touring musician here in Nashville, she also is our music teacher! The children are learning to read music, play instruments, and sing songs. In addition to Amanda, the Elementary students also perform a musical each year.  Amanda will also offer lessons in the afternoon to interested parents.
Amanda McCoy bio

Taekwondo- MPact Sports

One of the core philosophical ideals of Maria Montessori was her understanding of a child's need to move in order to perfect their coordination, master their large and gross motor skills, and fully develop their intellect. Considerable research confirms the correlation between purposeful movement and brain development. As such, Montessori School of Franklin places high value on our physical education programs. 

Both our Elementary and Kindergarten students enjoy weekly Tae Kwon Do. Mr. Eric, of Mpact Sports, teaches our children this amazing discipline and he is a favorite amongst our students. Mr. Eric is a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do as well as a former world champion kick boxer. We feel very fortunate to have him!
Mpact Sports



Physical movement is an integral part of successful childhood development. Our playgrounds offer a variety of different spaces to foster gross motor skill and muscular development. In addition, our Elementary classes receive PE at our facility and the YMCA. They are learning soccer, basketball, dodge ball, and soft ball. These team sports allow our older children the opportunity to learn to cooperate in a sports environment while also increasing coordination and endurance. 




Spanish has been an important part of our curriculum for many years. All Montessori certified teachers are trained to teach different languages within their classroom. Exposure to other cultures is an important part of the Montessori philosophy and what better way to achieve understanding than through language!

All our classes enjoy singing songs in Spanish and learning about Spanish culture. Classes receive a special lesson each week from Eny Moore or Patricia Verastegui. The goal of our Spanish program is for the children to have fun while learning a different language, immerse students in the language so they can have a deeper understanding (often achieved through songs and materials), and to create an understanding and respect for the diverse cultures of Spain and Latin America.



Art- Holly Kenitzer

We are thrilled to have Holly Kenitzer as our Art enrichment teacher. she has been an art teacher at New Song Academy in Brentwood for 16 years and works amazingly well with children.  She is a practicing artist herself and focuses on meeting each child's needs by providing guided instruction, exciting materials and interesting artistic concepts.  Our students look forward to each time Ms. Holly comes to school and their beautiful creations line our hallways! Montessori philosophy strongly encourages diverse learning environments and we are thrilled to have art as a regular part of our curriculum.  




For more information on Montessori School of Franklin enrichment opportunities, please contact the Educational Director at (615) 794-0567.