Enrichment Opportunities 2013-2014



Yoga- Shiloh Siegle

Shiloh Siegle of Peaceful Exploration is our Yoga teacher. Yoga coincides beautifully with Montessori as it has a calming and centering affect on the child, builds peace from the inside out, emphasizes the process not the product, and enables each child to build self-esteem. It also helps to decrease blood pressure, increase flexibility and improve hand-eye coordination. Yoga is provided to the Kindergarten/Extended Day and Elementary students at no additional cost. For all other non-napping students age 4 and older, cost and scheduling is provided at the beginning of each semester.



Suzuki Guitar- Christine Schlunk

The Suzuki Method is a marvelous early childhood approach to teaching music that focuses on ear-training, developing good instrumental technique and producing a beautiful tone before introducing the complexities of music reading. What if young guitarists grew up with a solid technical framework from the beginning, without excess tension, using nails to produce tone, all with the support of a group of peers, parents and a network of teachers? What if those students and parents attended guitar concerts, played in masterclasses and listened to numerous recordings of guitarists. What if there were guitarists who grew up playing in ensembles, accompanied violins, flutes, cellos, and felt at ease and confident on stage? This is the idea behind the Suzuki Guitar Experience. (Credit https://suzukiassociation.org/news/suzuki-guitar-experience)

Taekwondo- MPact Sports

Mr. Eric of MPact Sports comes weekly to Montessori School of Franklin to teach Elementary children the amazing discipline of Taekwondo. Mr. Eric is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, as well as a former world champion kick boxer.


Science Club- Christy George


Have you ever wondered how to make a mummy? Or what makes slime so slimy? In the Montessori School of Franklin's Science Club, young scientists will do hands-on experiments and activities to learn about how things work. The Science Club will meet once a week for an hour after school, and is available to Kindergarten and Elementary students.  Each week a new concept will be explored. The Science club cost and scheduling will be provided at the beginning of each semester. 




Mandarin Chinese - Salina Ho

Salina Ho, a teacher from the Nashville Chinese School, offers Mandarin Chinese lessons to interested students at Montessori School of Franklin. Feel free to check out the Nashville Chinese School at www.nashvillechineseschool.org if you would like a sample of this dynamic program. Mandarin Chinese lessons are available to our non-napping students who are age four and older. Cost and scheduling information will be announced at the beginning of each semester.



Kindermusik- For a Child's Brain, Body, Heart & Soul

Kindermusik music and movement classes are designed to enhance your child's development and instill a lifelong love of music.  

MSF offers two programs: 

Wiggle & Grow (18 months- 3 years old): Each week your child will love singing, dancing, and playing instruments with you and his/her new friends.  You'll love helping him/her practice a wide variety of abilities such as gross and fine motor skills, turn-taking, social skills, and active listening. 

ABC Music & Me (2-4 & 4-6): An award-winning music enrichment program that pairs wonderfully with the Montessori philosophy that focuses on the development of the whole child. Much like Wiggle and Grow, your child will sing, dance and play instruments as they gain a musical foundation.


For more information on Montessori School of Franklin enrichment opportunities, please contact the Educational Director at (615) 794-0567.