Natural Work & Play Areas


At Montessori School of Franklin, the earth’s natural outdoor environment is an important part of the children’s regular day. As said by Dr. Montessori:

“The child is initiated into foresight by way of auto-education; when he knows that the life of the plants that have been sown depends upon his care in watering them, and that of the animals, upon his diligence in feeding them, without which the little plant dries up and the animal suffers hunger, the child becomes vigilant, as one who is beginning to feel a mission in life.”

In order to foster this sense of self-vigilance, MSF has created several outdoor spaces unique in the Williamson County area. We have a sustainable garden which allows the children to care for and grow plants. They partake in every process of the plants growth allowing them to be observant of nature and feel confident in their ability to positively impact their environment. The classrooms coincide with lessons about recycling, reuse, pollution and ways to improve our natural environment. Plus, MSF families get to enjoy the fruits of our garden!

MSF has the only natural playground in Williamson County with a fruit orchard, wooden play materials, a riverbed, and an enormous slide! We believe in making as little impact as possible on our natural environment and therefore use public parks and facilities to further our children’s cultural learning experience. The school also hatches chickens in the Spring to aid in the children’s understanding of the life cycle.

Dr. Montessori’s study of children included observing the effects of nature on their development. She felt strongly about the need for purposeful outdoor activities and we have listened to her calling and used the materials at hand to create purposeful and beautiful outdoor environments.