AGES 3-6 years

Our Primary classrooms are carefully designed for children to learn by doing. Each classroom is a calm, structured space designed to meet a child's developmental needs. Here, a child experiences a blend of freedom and discipline in a space especially designed for his or her optimal development.

The most important function of the Primary program is to provide children with a solid foundation on which to build all future educational endeavors. For Montessori, this foundation includes:

  • a positive attitude towards school

  • a sense of order

  • abiding curiosity

  • self-initiative and persistence

  • the ability to concentrate

  • self-discipline

  • a sense of responsibility


Coupled with the more concrete skills of math and reading, these intangibles form a foundation that not only enables a student to acquire more advanced knowledge and skills, but also creates within the child a lifelong love of learning.  

At Montessori School of Franklin, we believe that the exposure to a variety of different activities helps to strengthen your child’s love for learning.  In addition to the core Montessori foundation, your child will also partake in Spanish, and gardening. The children greatly look forward to these activities and it allows us to provide classroom community time that is structured and purposeful.